The teaching staff

The teaching activities involve European experts recognised for their skills, their creativity, their experience and their teaching ability.

In the field of hand and upper limb surgery, the teaching staff is currently comprised of:


  • Professor Alain Masquelet, head of the orthopaedics department at the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris (Paris public hospitals) and manager of the Microsurgery laboratory, University of Paris XIII and president of the SOFCOT.
  • Professor Eliza Lebreton, head of the plastic surgery and hand surgery department at Nice University Hospital.
  • Doctor Michel Schoof, plastic surgeon, manager of SOS Main Lille (France).
  • Professor John Stanley, orthopaedic surgeon, University of Manchester (UK).
  • Professor Luca Vaienti, holder of the chair in the teaching of plastic surgery at the University of Milan (Italy).

The team of orthopaedic surgeons for upper limb surgery is also a substantial one:

  • Doctor Jean-Pierre DELCOURT Liège (Belgium)
  • Professor Frédéric ALMQVIST Ghent (Belgium)
  • Professor Robert VERDONK Ghent (Belgium)
  • Doctor Jean-Louis BRIARD Rouen (France)
  • Doctor Adrien WIJNE (Luxembourg)
  • Doctor Pascal RIPPSTEIN Zürich (Switzerland)
  • Doctor Otmar HERSCHE Zürich (Switzerland)