Medical training

Since the Hôpital Kirchberg opened in 2003, the hospital management has been keen to promote continuing medical training and, in partnership with the members of the medical staff, a continuing medical training programme has been proposed. It provides profitable exchanges between disciplines and a discussion about changes in practices. This medical training cycle is open to doctors from the Robert Schuman Hospitals, students, interns and doctors from the outside world and is supplemented by the orthopaedic and trauma surgery group lecture cycle (Ortholux HKB).

The Hôpital Kirchberg welcomes doctors training to be specialists, doctors training as specialists in general medicine and medical students from Belgian, French, German and Austrian universities for various courses (nursing courses, non-residential courses, "Famulaturen") for periods of a few weeks to over a year. Twenty doctors from the Hôpital Kirchberg are accredited as internship supervisors by different universities (Luxembourg University, Heidelberg University, Düsseldorf University, Saar University, Nancy University). This commitment is supported by course agreements signed with various universities, such as Strasbourg and Paris VI. There is a close academic and clinical partnership with the Mannheim Faculty of Medicine at Heidelberg University, where the Hôpital Kirchberg is one of the accredited teaching hospitals (Akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus).

Since 2009, the Hôpital Kirchberg has provided all FFE-approved doctors, today the HRS group, and students and doctors training to be specialists access to the Uptodate® database ( (Kirchberg Teaching Hospital Campus Licence).

Supervisory Missions

Supervision of students and doctors on continuing training

  • "Lycée" students welcomed as part of the "Schnupperkurse"
  • (Lycées, European School, International School of Luxembourg).
  • Nursing courses for medical students (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
  • "Non-residential courses" for medical students (faculties of medicine in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland).
  • Doctors training as specialists in general medicine (supervised by hospital internship supervisors accredited by Luxembourg University).
  • Courses for doctors training to be specialists (orthopaedics-hand surgery, nephrology, anaesthesia).