Clinique Bohler and the Fondation Follereau Luxembourg – partners for Mali

Health services specifically dedicated to maternal and neonatal health are particularly rare in Mali. As a result, 55% of women give birth without any qualified health care staff at their side.

On March 14th, 2013, Clinique Bohler and the Fondation Follereau Luxembourg (FFL) signed a cooperation agreement to design Information-Education-Communication (IEC), obstetric and neonatal aids for the Malian NGO COFESFA (Collectif des Femmes pour l'Education, la Santé Familiale et sanitation - Women's Collective for Education Family Health and Sanitation). This is a two-year project aimed at improving the situation by making Malian women aware of the importance of undergoing prenatal check-ups and encouraging them to visit health centres.

Based on the e-learning system already available at Clinique Bohler, information aids concerning reproductive health, pregnancy and the neonatal period have been created and adapted to suit the needs of the health care staff and women in Mali.

Accordingly, over a period of two years Clinique Bohler has supported the NGO COFESFA and the FFL with the creation and adaptation of information and communication aids covering various pregnancy-related themes (prenatal consultations, advice for pregnant women, preparation for the birth, etc.). These health-related preventive and educational resources are intended both for medical staff or community managers and also for the Malian population in general and for pregnant women in particular. These resources have initially been distributed in Bamako and in the various districts of Kati Cercle where the NGO Cofesfa is already actively involved.

This project seeks to ensure the widest possible distribution of these resources throughout the medical world but also in advice centres and possibly through other NGOs, local associations or community support networks.

What are the results after two years’ cooperation together?

Year 1

  • The production of a film in Mali about prenatal consultations and delivery. 50 copies of the DVD were produced.
  • 600 people tested this DVD among the local population and feedback was largely positive.
  • 50 booklets on prenatal consultations and delivery were printed and distributed among health staff and community health officers in Mali.
  • 55 flip charts were printed and distributed to boost awareness among the users of the health centres and as part of awareness building programmes in the villages.
  • 50 health staff were trained. Each of them received information and communication aids necessary to passing on the required information to their patients.

Year 2

  • Production of a film in Mali concerning postnatal consultations and the neonatal period. 50 copies of the DVD were produced.
  • 839 people tested this DVD among the local population including 20 health staff.
  • 55 booklets on postnatal consultations and the neonatal period have now been printed and are on the way to Mali for distribution


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