CSR approach of HRS

In view of its activities and its mission, the hospital has a duty to set an example in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As part of its CSR policy, Les Hôpitaux Robert Schuman have made "Sustainable Development" (SD) a strategic priority in order to "contribute to a positive impact on the Environment and Society" by launching an ambitious initiative, a communal living project (Vivons ensemble autrement – A New Way of Living Together), based on:

Four areas 

  • Economic
  • Social
  • Patient & group
  • Environmental

Domain of impact

  • Ensuring the visibility of and awareness of CSR through appropriate communication.
  • Committing resources to the following priorities: 
    • Being a patient-centric organisation;
    • Sustainable and rational resource management => reducing our environmental footprint;
    • Controlling costs and consumption;
    • Health & well-being;
    • Risk prevention;
    • Health education;
    • Inclusion of all stakeholders (in-house and external) in the CSR initiatives.

In 2011, the HRS' commitments were formally recorded in a sustainable development and organisation charter in November, during our first CSR day.

With this commitment to CSR firmly in mind, several projects have been undertaken in our establishments.


For further information about these projects, please follow the links below: