The HRS group

In 2014, a new hospital group was created following the merger of Clinique Bohler, the Hôpital Kirchberg, the ZithaKlinik and Clinique Sainte-Marie: Les Hôpitaux Robert Schuman.

250 self-employed doctors and more than 2200 salaried staff are committed to dispensing high-quality care and personalised service with a distinctive human touch.

Les Hôpitaux Robert Schuman have a very modern organisational structure meeting the needs of health professionals and providing the best possible care for patients via 4 establishments:

  • Clinique Bohler, an establishment specialising in gynaecology and obstetrics
  • The Hôpital Kirchberg
  • The ZithaKlinik
  • Clinique Sainte-Marie, an establishment specialising in geriatric medicine

Our clearly identified roles are organised around the following seven specialised sections:

  • The Women's Clinic and Mother-Baby hub at Clinique Bohler
  • The geriatric medicine hub comprised of Clinique Sainte Marie and the geriatric departments of the ZithaKlinik and the Hôpital Kirchberg
  • The psychiatry hub including adult psychiatry and the national juvenile psychiatry service, based at the Hôpital Kirchberg
  • The internal medicine hub including numerous specialities: cardiology, neurology, nephrology-dialysis, endocrinology or diabetology, etc.
  • The "musculoskeletal system" hub including orthopaedic specialities, traumatology and rheumatology.
  • The "visceral oncology" hub including gastroenterology, gastroenterological and vascular surgery, thoracic surgery and respiratory medicine, urology and medical oncology.
  • The "Head and neck" hub including ophthalmology, ear-nose-throat, dental surgery and maxillofacial surgery) based at the ZithaKlinik

The internal medicine hub, the "musculoskeletal system" hub and the "visceral oncology" hub are currently located on two sites, the Hôpital Kirchberg and the ZithaKlinik, but in the years to come these will be grouped together on single site locations. Emergency care will be centralised at the Hôpital Kirchberg site.

This impressive coverage of needs is further enhanced by a preventive medicine centre, the GesondheetsZentrum.

View the video presentation of Les Hôpitaux Robert Schuman.

Why choose Robert Schuman?

The name Robert Schuman is synonymous with a number of values to which our group is strongly attached:

  • An openness to Europe
  • A historical proximity with the Grande-Région
  • A man who successfully overcame obstacles
  • A man who assumed his responsibilities
  • A man with strong Christian values