Internal guidelines

The Internal Guidelines aim to provide reciprocal respect in the behaviour of patients and visitors, so that patient care occurs under the best possible conditions.

I) Your hospital stay

  1. We hope to offer you a quiet, pleasant and clean environment at the clinic and we ask you to contribute to this during your stay. In particular, please respect the night-time calm period which begins at 8:00 p.m. The afternoon rest hour takes place between 1:00 p.m. and 2 p.m.
  2. We have taken great care with fitting out the facilities at the Clinic and the quality of its equipment. We ask you to treat it with care. Any damages caused will be paid by the person responsible. Any damage is to be declared to the nursing staff and we ask that you not carry out any of your own repairs.
  3. It is recommended that you do not keep valuables in the rooms, except personal effects required for your hospitalisation (toiletries bag, towel, etc.). The Clinic only ensures money and valuable items deposited in the hospital safe during admission. All rooms have a safe where you can deposit your valuables which remain under your own responsibility.
  4. Personal radios or other musical devices are only permitted with an authorisation from the person in charge of the unit. Personal televisions are not authorised.
  5. The use of laptop computers is authorised under your responsibility. Internet access is only possible via Wi-Fi with a hotspot card from the PTT, which is at your expense. The Reception staff can provide more detailed information.
  6. You may not put flowers near the baby change table area. The water tap in the baby change table area should never be used to change the water for flowers.
  7. You are asked to inform the nursing staff if you temporarily leave your hospital unit for any reason. In order to avoid taking babies out of the unit, we recommend that mothers leave their baby in the nursery during a temporary absence.
  8. If you temporarily leave the facility, you are asked to inform the nursing staff of your departure and your return and to sign a discharge document.

II) Your visitors

  1. Visiting hours begin at 2:00 p.m. and end at 8:00 p.m., which is the start of the night-time calm period. Only fathers are allowed to visit the mother and her baby at any time day or night.
  2. Visitors should not disturb patients who are resting, or obstruct the regular operation of services. They must respect the visiting hours. They may be asked by the nursing staff to step out of the patient’s room when they perform treatment and examinations.
  3. If the baby is kept in its mother’s room, visits should be limited so as not to disturb their rhythm and rest.
  4. Visitors are asked to respect the calm and take account of the wishes of the patients in adjacent rooms.
  5. Children must be accompanied by an adult and are the responsibility of the person accompanying them. The clinic has created a relaxation area with a children’s play area. Adults are asked to supervise their children, not to leave them alone at any time, and to ensure that they do not disturb the hospital environment.
  6. Visitors must comply with requests from nursing staff personnel not to bring food or drinks to a patient that are incompatible with the patient’s prescribed diet.
  7. It is recommended to bring cut flowers, as potted flowers and plants present a risk of spore contamination.
  8. People who have a respiratory tract infection or any other symptoms of a disease should not visit our patients. Children with any childhood illnesses (measles, rubella or chicken pox) or any other infectious disease are not allowed to visit the maternity unit.
  9. In the event a visitor is harmed, the clinic is not responsible.
  10. No visitors other than the parents are allowed in the nursery.1. Les visites commencent à 14h00 et la fin des visites est à 20h00, lors du début du calme nocturne. Seul le père est autorisé à rendre visite à la maman et son bébé à n’importe quelle heure du jour et de la nuit.

III) Other provisions

  1. The use of mobile phones is not authorised inside the clinic due to their potential interference with the medical devices on-site.
  2. Consumption of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on the clinic grounds.
  3. Since September 5, 2006, smoking is prohibited inside hospitals and within hospital grounds, including external balconies.
  4. Animals are not permitted in the clinic.
  5. You can leave your comments, complaints and suggestions in the suggestions box, located in the entrance hall of the Clinic.

IV) Your discharge

Discharge occurs:

  1. when treatment is finished, based on a medical opinion, for the patient and her baby; or
  2. before this opinion, on the patient’s decision to be discharged with a signature and under her own responsibility.


The entire team at the Clinique Bohler are delighted to welcome you and we wish you and your family a pleasant stay at the Clinic.