Welfare Service

servsocial 1How does the Welfare Service work? 

This service works in collaboration with all the internal (doctors, nursing and paramedical staff, administration, etc.) and external (attending doctors, home help services, official organisations, etc.) stakeholders at the hospital and also with loved ones in order to allow the patient to reintegrate into her home environment or any other environment adapted to her new needs, all while ensuring continuity of care.

The welfare officer evaluates the overall situation in order to find the most suitable solution based on a socio-family, professional and economic context, and which respects the convictions of each one.

When can I contact the welfare officer?

The Welfare Service at the Clinique Bohler is open to patients at any time. It is available to you before, during and after your hospitalisation.

Who can contact the Welfare Service?

Any patient who encounters a difficulty, who is suffering as a result of her health or family situation can contact the Welfare Service. Our welfare officer can also intervene at the request of the patient, the doctor or nursing team.

What is the role of the welfare officer?

Following an assessment of the patient’s situation (social, family, medical, administrative etc.), the welfare officer’s role is to guide you, provide you with information and help you :

  • in the socio-administrative field (maternity leave, sick leave, family benefits, birth certificate, hospitalisation costs, etc.);
  • in precarious family situations (housing, income, assistance, etc.);
  • to establish a link with external medical-social services which may be able to help you (childcare, housing, etc.);
  • with contacting associations that can provide support for particular pathologies or if the development of your pregnancy raises difficult questions;
  • to help connect you with all other hospital services (for example, transferring your baby to another unit or another hospital); or
  • to prepare your discharge or your transfer if particular care or a particular treatment is required (home help and care services, ambulances, etc.).

How to meet our welfare officer?

Based on the patient’s health, a meeting can occur either in her room or at the Welfare Service offices. The problems encountered are always discussed in complete confidentiality.

Contact on business days 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., tel.: +352 26 333 9100.