Near the Clinic

The Kirchberg Hospital centre, located near the city centre and only a few kilometres from the airport, directly accessible via the motorway (free access to the P+R), and also well served by buses, allows you to benefit from a whole range of modern facilities, which guarantees a unique quality of life.

Auchan shopping centre

The immediate proximity of the Auchan shopping centre and its supermarket allows you to find everything you need. You will find fashion stores (clothing, shoes, etc.), sports and recreation, accessories and beauty, house wares and decoration, dry cleaning, food and beverages, and other services.

The Utopolis Centre

The Utopolis Centre has 10 movie theatres, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

La Coque - national sports and cultural centre

In addition to the sports and cultural events program (theatre, music, dance, conferences, etc.) and its restaurants, la Coque has a sports club, a fitness centre, and as a large aquatic centre.

Additional services

If necessary, you will find a pharmacy next to the Kirchberg Hospital car park, and many banks spread around the Kirchberg area.


If you wish to walk or stroll for some calm and relaxation, a park, located directly behind the Clinique Bohler, is freely accessible to you. Similarly, large parks and children’s playgrounds are located near La Coque and allow you to access the shopping centre on foot.

Accommodation - Restaurants

Many hotels are available either in Kirchberg itself, or a little further away, close to the airport or in the city centre. Similarly, you will find a wide selection of restaurants and bars in the various Kirchberg shopping centres and malls (Auchan, Utopolis, La Coque etc.).

The Kirchberg Hospital complex has, under certain conditions, studios for rent that may be temporarily available for you. For all further information, please contact +352 26 333 1 (Reception).


Philharmonic society: The Luxembourg Philharmonic society offers a program of concerts and musical workshops each week, designed for both adults and children of all ages.

Mudam: built on the vestiges of the old Fort Thüngen, the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean [Museum of Modern art] allows you to discover a vast collection of works and international artists.