Your discharge

sortie2Your doctor (and the paediatrician in the maternity unit) will decide with you on your discharge date. As soon as they give their approval, you will be able to organise the practical aspects of your departure with our nursing staff, who will also ensure that you are ready to go home.

The discharge must be completed by 11:00 a.m. If you require extra time, an area is provided for you for this purpose on the second and third floors.

Discharge formalities

Before leaving, you must go to the Central Reception, located in the entrance hall to :
  • close your administrative record and
  • pay your invoice.

Going home

We recommend that you arrange for a companion to take you home. Your companion may use the car park facilities (see the department staff on the discharge day).

Transport can be arranged by ambulance or light medical vehicle, based on your health and with a medical prescription.
The coverage for transport costs depends on your health insurance and your mutual insurance.

Assessment of your stay

We hope that your stay will have been completely satisfying. In order to monitor the quality of care and reception given to our patients, you will be given a satisfaction questionnaire. Your opinion is invaluable for us to be able to manage the everyday quality of our services.