Your Admission

IMG 9754Your arrival

Admission is available day and night, even in the event of an emergency, via the Clinic’s main entrance at 5, Rue E. Steichen. Your first stop is the Reception located in the entrance hall. You can be dropped off directly in front of this entrance and the person accompanying you will then be able to park in the Kirchberg Hospital car park, open 24 hours a day.

Nighttime arrival (9:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.) :

An external bell will connect you directly to a team of nurses who will open the doors for you after verifying the reason for your visit and, if necessary, will inform the medical team, available 24/24, 7/7.

Arrival via the Emergency Department at the Kirchberg Hospital :

The personnel at the Kirchberg Hospital will liaise between their departments and those at the Clinique Bohler who will take over your treatment of care.

The identification bracelet

As of January 23, 2012 an identification bracelet will be provided upon admission to ensure your unique identification throughout your stay in the Clinic.

For your safety, the presentation of an official identification document (identity card, passport or driving license) with the Social Security card * (CNS) is required upon admission.

CNS card is not an official identification

Advantages of the bracelet :

  • To allow correct identification of the person wearing it
  • To have a unique identification throughout your stay
  • To secure patient identification throughout treatment
  • To have useful information
  • To facilitate the transition from one service to another
  • To improve patient management

Administrative information

Before your arrival, you should think about preparing yourself with

  • Identification (identity card, passport),
  • Your valid social insurance card,
  • Your health record book (if you have one),
  • Your mutual insurance card (if necessary),
  • Any other administrative document documenting a particular situation (work accident, maternity, entitlement certificate etc.),Any medical document related to your arrival and your current treatments (prescriptions, mail from your doctor, x-rays and results from recent exams etc.).

Of course, if you are hospitalised following a visit to the Emergency Department, one of your close relatives can resolve your situation with the admissions office if they have these documents.

In all cases (hospitalisation or emergency visit), we will ask you for your exact contact details and the details of a contact person.

- If you are affiliated with the Union des Caisses de Maladie luxembourgeoise (UCM.) [Luxembourg Health Insurance Union]: Caisse des Employés Privés [Private Employees Fund], Caisse de Maladie des Ouvriers [Workers Health Insurance Fund], etc. :

  • Social Security Card

  • If the affiliation is current: a letter of affiliation from the Union des Caisses de Maladie with the number and the start date of validity

- If you are affiliated with a European Union country:

  • European card for any unplanned emergency visit

  • E112 form from the health insurance fund in your country of origin, valid for the duration of your stay in the event of hospitalisation

  • Identity card or document with your address (in the country of origin)

  • Document with your address in Luxembourg + contact person

- If your affiliation is under the European Communities:

  • Any identification card or document

  • A document attesting to financial support from your health insurance fund valid for the duration of your stay in the event of hospitalisation

- If your presence in Luxembourg is covered by the Luxembourg Ministry for the Family, through the Commissariat du Gouvernement aux étrangers (CGE) [Government Commission for Foreigners in Luxembourg]:

  • Valid number provided by the CGE that entitles you to the required emergency care

  • In the event of hospitalisation: the valid number provided by the CGE, only at the patient’s request, applicable for the duration of the stay

- If you are affiliated with a private health insurance fund or do not have health insurance:

  • Identity card that allows us to identify you and see your correct contact details in your country of origin

  • Documents that allow us to see your exact contact details and a contact person in Luxembourg

 If you are affiliated with the Caisse Médico-Chirurgicale Mutualiste (CMCM) [Luxembourg Medical-Surgical Mutual Fund]:

  • Affiliation card with the member number, clauses and validity of affiliation

Personal effects

  • Linen :

    For your comfort, please remember to bring your personal effects (toiletries, pyjamas, dressing gown, slippers etc.) and personal towels.

  • Valuable items :

    We recommend you do not bring valuable objects or large sums of money; the Clinic will not be held responsible for any eventual loss or theft.