Other administrative steps

demarchesIf you encounter difficulties as regards your affiliation or social situation, or if you are simply looking for further information or advice, we ask you to visit the following sites or documents:

  • www.secu.lu : Luxembourg Social Security

    Coverage for illness (treatment and benefits compensating for the loss of revenue), unemployment, old age, industrial accidents and occupational diseases, maternity, disability, death, family responsibilities.
  •  www.cge.etat.lu : Commissariat du Gouvernement aux Etrangers [Government Commission for Foreigners]

    his organisation is associated with the Ministry for the Family and can be contacted to enable recipients to obtain the correct papers for medical and hospital treatment.

  • www.cmcm.lu : Caisse Médico-Chirurgicale Mutualiste [Medical and surgical benefits society]

    The CMCM is additional insurance which offers recipients the possibility of a refund for extra hospital and medical costs. This site provides information on the methods and conditions of membership.
  • www.cnpf.lu : Caisse Nationale des Prestations Familiales [Luxembourg National Family Benefits Fund]

    All information relating to family benefits and parental leave benefits
  • www.snas.etat.lu and the Fonds National de Solidarité : Service National d’Action Sociale [National Social Action Service] and Fonds National de Solidarité [National Solidarity Fund]

    These two organisations provide information on the conditions and procedures for receiving the Guaranteed Minimum Wage.
  • www.ligue.lu : Ligue Médico-sociale [Medical-social league]

    Promotes preventive and social medicine: medical-social centres, school doctors, consultations for infants up to 4 years of age, social support services, etc.

  • www.croix-rouge.lu : The Red Cross

    Social services (local welfare service, Meals on Wheels, clothing, parents in mourning); youth services (family placement, adoption, child care).
  • www.caritas.lu : Caritas, assistance in Luxembourg

    Part of the group of Christian-inspired social work which aims at quality services to help people in distress (children and young people, aged and dependent people, handicapped people, drug-dependent people, refugees, families, homeless).

  • www.shd.lu : Soins à domicile-Hëllef Doheem

    Network of home care, home help, specialised day care for the elderly, household assistance, Remote alarm service, assistance, counselling, and support.
  • www.help.lu  Soins à domicile-Help [Home Help]

    Social support network for any person requiring assistance at home.
  • www.liewensufank.lu : Liewensufank

    Information on legislation, allowances, and consultation services relating to births.
  • www.fed.lu : Femmes en détresse [Women in distress]

    Association which aims to provide women, their children, and young girls with effective protection against violence by developing and managing houses for women and girls, information centres, and consultations.
  • www.cancer.lu : Fondation luxembourgeoise contre le cancer [Luxembourg anti-cancer council]

    Anti-cancer association for the prevention and support of patients.

  • http://mfdo.elisabeth.lu : Fondation Françoise Dolto

    The Françoise Dolto house provides specialised housing - at least temporary - in the area of early childhood.