Accommodation costs

Accommodation costs for outpatients

In the event of a legal affiliation with the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS) or the Office Luxembourgeois de l’Accueil et de l’Integration (OLAI) [Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency], the cost of your outpatient visits are invoiced directly to your fund. One single payment is to be paid per day per patient per hospital visit.

Other circumstances :

If you are affiliated with European Communities, by a private fund or do not have health insurance, the treatment you receive during this visit will be invoiced directly to you by a "provisional invoice", then confirmed when a final payment document is sent. This document will help you to obtain a refund for your expenses according to the criteria defined in the statutes of your health insurance fund.

Hospitalisation costs

Accommodation expenses in the event of hospitalisation are based on the type of room and the reason for your hospitalisation.

In the event of affiliation with the CNS (Luxembourg social security card or affiliation with CNS by approved European card), the hospital costs paid by your health insurance fund are invoiced directly to the fund for the total hospital bill.

Other circumstances :

In the event of an affiliation with European Communities or by the Commissariat du Gouvernement aux étrangers (CGE) your total hospital bill can only be sent directly to your health insurance fund if we have received a treatment agreement (European Communities) or hospitalisation form (CGE) for the visit. If not, the hospital bill is sent to the patient.

In the event of a private fund or no affiliation, all potential affiliation possibilities will be tried with the Union des Caisses de Maladie, in order to provide you with maximum care. If, despite this, no affiliation can be determined, all expenses (hospitalisation + supplements) will have to be charged to you.

At the time of your pre-hospitalisation visit, you will be informed of the estimated amount of the invoice for your type of stay. This amount only includes the hospital costs and does not include the individual medical fees for each doctor. This account is to be paid at least one week before the date of the scheduled hospitalisation. In the event of emergency hospitalisation, this account must be paid within the first two days of the visit. No individual room will be assigned unless the estimated account has been paid


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* Superior 1st class room available only in Maternity unit, supplement paid by the patient.

For further information, please call +352 26 333 1.

Costs for individual rooms and supplements

Please note that the services supplement for an individual room (1st class and Superior 1st class) is not covered by Luxembourg social security. In addition, any hospitalisation in an individual room involves a 66% increase in all medical fees, which will also not be refunded by social security.

If you are a member of the Caisse Médico-Chirurgicale Mutualiste (CMCM), the related expenses are refunded according to the criteria defined in the statutes (visit: If you are ensured via complementary health insurance such as AXA, GMC or Foyer Santé, the costs for an individual room (except the Superior 1st class room) and/or daily payment (depending on the reason for your hospitalisation) may be invoiced directly to your insurance, if the company sends us a correct treatment form in your name prior to hospitalisation, which indicates the refunded supplements.


DKVIf you have an additional insurance at DKV Luxembourg S.A. (full-rate cover for stationary care), the additional cost for staying in a superior first class room will be covered at 100% by DKV Luxembourg S.A.


All supplements which are not reimbursed by insurance (water bottles, television, telephone, TV headphones, 1st class supplement, night tickets and meals for companions etc.) will be invoiced to you.