Companion accommodation

accompagnant 2You may wish to be accompanied by a loved one. In response to this request, we have set up a Companion accommodation system, available under certain conditions.


For safety and privacy, the companion is able to stay in your room :

  • during hospitalisation in an individual room only;
  • by registering at Reception to obtain a night ticket and then presenting this ticket to the nurse;
  • only after a special guest bed (available in the hospital unit) has been set up by the nurse, once the nurse receives the companion
  • by invoicing the daily fixed price for the companion to the patient’s discharge invoice (the companion bed price is included when staying in a Superior 1st class room).


Companions may park their car for the night at a preferential rate in the underground car park at the Kirchberg Hospital.


Our Clinic allows companions (whether or not they are staying with us) to share three meals a day with the hospitalised patient. You will simply need to register at the Reception for meal tickets and then present these tickets to the nurse.

The prices for each meal are available in the room or will be given to you upon request at our Reception.


The meal tickets and companion-night tickets are added up for each registration at Reception throughout the entire stay at the Clinic. They are all added on the patient’s final invoice upon discharge. Only unused tickets which are returned to Reception when you leave can be deducted from the invoice.