Aesthetic Surgery

chirurgie-esthetiqueCosmetic surgery aims to bring greater harmony to the shape or appearance of a part of the body about which the individual has negative feelings.

We offer a full range of treatments to meet patients' requirements in this field:

  • breast surgery: breast reconstruction, reduction, enhancement and lift
  • facial rejuvenation and correction: eyelid surgery, cervicofacial and frontal lifting, rhinoplasty, protruding ears, liposuction and liposculpture;
  • stomach surgery: abdominoplasty, body lift, operation scar revision;
  • thigh surgery (cruroplasty);
  • reshaping the figure with liposuction and liposculpture;
  • wrinkle-filling techniques using hyaluronic acid, Botox injections and dedicated lasers.

Whatever your requirements, a doctor will accompany you through a comprehensive assessment of our needs right up until surgery is completed.

The staff at our clinic will provide you with the highest possible standards of care and comfort before and during your operation and in the post-operative period.

For full information or an appointment, please contact the practitioner's medical secretariat.