Chirurgie plastique

chirurgie-plastiquePlastic surgery is divided into two units:

  • reconstructive surgery in which the aim is to restructure a form that may have been damaged by a disease (e.g. breast cancer) or an accident,
  • cosmetic surgery, which consists of transforming the body by changing its original appearance.

This speciality has expanded rapidly in the last few years at the Clinique Bohler. Combining therapeutic efficacy and technical expertise, it aims to provide a very individual response to each patient's aesthetic expectations.

Abdominal and breast surgery is carried out at the Clinique Bohler by a number of gynaecological surgeons and two qualified plastic surgeons recognised by Luxembourg's Ministry of Health. All have been practising for many years.

Whatever your requirements, a doctor will accompany you through a comprehensive assessment of our needs right up until surgery is completed.

The staff at our clinic will provide you with the highest possible standards of care and comfort before and during your operation and in the post-operative period.

For full information or an appointment, please contact the practitioner's medical secretariat.