Doctor visits

visite-equipesYour gynaecologist will visit you every day to ensure you are recovering well.

You will also meet with the paediatrician, who will examine your baby the day after the birth (at the latest), before you leave, and each time that this seems necessary.

A multidisciplinary team is also involved during your stay


A dietician organises group information sessions on health in the event you are breastfeeding, and provides you with more general dietetic advice. If you wish, she will meet with you following your stay in a one-on-one consultation to give you more personalised advice.



The kinesiotherapist will come to see you in your room to begin your rehabilitation. She will give you advice in relation to carrying your baby and on the stress of everyday life in general. She will sensitise you to perineum and abdominal rehabilitation and the benefits of massage for babies.


The nursing team

The maternity unit team facilitates meetings on the topic of parenting.

If you wish (or upon medical advice), you may ask for the psychologist, sophrologist, haptonomist or welfare officer to be involved.


To keep a record of your beautiful baby's first few days of life, we have launched the Clinic's "New Baby Album" project. A professional photographer will come to your room, if you wish, and take some photos of your baby.

These will be archived in our new baby album, which can be viewed from this website's homepage the day after they have been taken, to the great pleasure of your family, close relatives and friends.

You will be offered a free photo.