Se préparer à la grossesse

Our group sessions

Clinique Bohler-SPN
Postnatal session

Come to share with a moderator of the Clinic and a group of mothers your experience of delivery, the birth of your child as well as your everyday life with him. It is a sharing moment during which we can talk about different topics : the baby’s rhythms, his everyday life, baby-carrying, breast-feeding, the family life, the couple,… If you have followed the pre-natal cycle, this session will take place with the same group of mothers with which you have done the pre-natal cycle accompanied by your babies (dads are welcome), with the same moderator who has followed you during all your pre-natal cycle. The appointment is directly given by the moderator, so please wait until she contacts you. If you haven’t followed the pre-natal cycle this session will take place with a group of mothers accompanied with their babies (dads are welcome). The registration has to be done on the website like the pre-natal sessions.
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