Home care

It is comforting to return home. However, the first few days at home with baby can also prove difficult owing to the new pace of life that has been established.
Mindful of this situation, we provide coaching during this sometimes thorny transitional period, attending to your needs and organising for at-home care to be provided by a private midwife, as required.

Distance coaching

Our maternity ward can be contacted on any matter by telephoning +352 26333-9310. Depending on the nature of your request, you will be connected to the members of our nursing staff corresponding to the particular subject: midwife, breastfeeding consultant, dietician, etc.

You may also refer to our "Support systems" section to find out about the resources we put in place to help you calmly cope during baby's first few weeks at home.

Private midwife home visit

In order to ensure continuity of care after your stay at the clinic, we contact a private midwife living in Luxembourg or near the border, as the need arises, inform her of the follow-up care to be provided and organise with her your return home.

In Luxembourg the conditions for coverage (reimbursement) by the CNS (national health fund) of the cost of private midwife home visits following childbirth are as follows:

  • If you are discharged from the maternity ward no later than four days after your delivery (the day of the child's birth counts as day zero), this is referred to as an "outpatient" delivery. A midwife can therefore visit you at home up to the tenth day of the baby's life, according to your needs and her availability. These visits are covered by health insurance.

  • Beyond this 10th day or in the event that your return home takes place after 4 days spent in the maternity ward, only one midwife consultation will be reimbursed.

  • Should there be any difficulties, a midwife can still visit, on doctor's orders.

For further information on private midwife home visits, we invite you to visit the private Luxembourg midwifes website.


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