Your discharge and afterwards

sortieThroughout your stay on the maternity ward, you have had support and advice from our teams of professionals.

Now the long-awaited and at times dreaded moment has arrived for you to return home with your baby.

Our teams will be available to assist you if you encounter any problems after your discharge. You can visit the outpatient clinic or call + 352 26333-9020 between 7 h and 19 h on weekdays and between 8 h and 18 h at weekends or public holidays.

Outside of the outpatient clinic's opening hours, the maternity team is also available to answer your questions when you call +352 26333-9310.

Our nursing staff can advise whether home care is necessary.

Day of discharge – visit from the paediatrician 

On the day of your discharge, the paediatrician examines your child and gives you your baby's documents (health book, general child benefit fund, prescriptions for baby's treatment, etc.). He answers any questions concerning your baby.

Preparing your baby for the departure

  • Have clothing appropriate for the season (See our "Infants' clothing").
  • Have a safe form of transport (baby seat or basinet for transport).

Administrative paperwork

Once your discharge form has been signed by your physician, our staff helps you organise your departure. See heading "Your discharge".

Birth notification

Download our information sheet on birth notification by clicking here.

View these videotaped stages in our "Discharge" video clip.

You must be discharged no later than 11h00. If your circumstances entail a delay, a comfortable waiting room is provided for you on the 3rd floor.


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