Monitoring your pregnancy

suiviMedical monitoring at the gynaecologist’s private practice

Pregnancies are initially monitored by one of our 20 gynaecologist-obstetricians. It is from among these gynaecologists that you have perhaps already chosen “your” gynaecologist or from which you will need to choose one. This doctor will be your main collaborator. He/she will conduct the majority of consultations, ultrasounds and cardiotocogrammes (CTG).

An professional and multidisciplinary team

Our teams include, in addition to gynaecologists, various specialists, all directed tounits your needs:



Obstetrical emergencies are handled 24 hours a day by the team of midwives, in collaboration with your doctor.

Your examinations and appointment at the Polyclinic:

Our clinic is equipped with cutting edge equipment in order to guarantee a perfectly safe monitoring for your pregnancy (specialised ultrasounds, up-to-date ultrasound equipment, etc.). In addition to your regular visits to see your gynaecologist, you will undergo several examinations in our Polyclinic:

  • Amniocentesis :

    • This may be prescribed to rule out a chromosomal disease. This exam is carried out in the Polyclinic.

  • Ultrasound :

    • This can be done in your gynaecologist’s practice or, if need be, in our Polyclinic, equipped with up-to-date ultrasound equipment. The ultrasound, throughout your pregnancy, is one of the key ways of monitoring your baby because it makes it possible to be sure of its proper development.

  • Pre-hospitalisation and pre-anaesthesia consultation :

    • The pre-hospitalisation visit is an essential stage in our treatment of care. It includes the consultation with an anaesthetist, a discussion with a midwife and administrative preparation for your stay:
    1. The consultation with an anaesthetist is essential because it provides a progress report on your health and factors which may influence your hospitalisation. This preliminary consultation guarantees your safety and facilitates your future treatment. The anaesthetist discusses with you the various anaesthesias and especially the epidural anaesthesia, which you may choose to use at any time during labour.

    2. The visit with the anaesthetist is followed by a discussion with a midwife who will prepare your future stay with you and complete your record. Do not hesitate to ask the midwife all of your questions.

    3. The administrative staff will then inform you about your future stay and will provide you with documentation relating to your accommodation, prices and your insurance.

Appointments are made through the Polyclinic, Tel.: +352 26333-9020

Opening hours: Seven days a week: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. weekends and public holidays.

Of course, our Clinic also offers you “well-being” and “healthy pregnancy” meetings provided by our multidisciplinary team and we warmly invite you to take part in these sessions, either on your own, or as a couple.