High-risk pregnancy

grossesse-riskA risk pregnancy is a pregnancy that requires special monitoring in order to prevent possible complications.

The health of both mother and child is often at risk. The problems most often encountered are the threat of premature birth, high blood pressure, diabetes, growth delay in the foetus, etc.

Special monitoring for you

Our gynaecologists are responsible for your care, possibly in consultation with the les paediatricians and anaesthetists, and even a multidisciplinary team in the most complicated cases.

Your gynaecologist will decide on the type of care most appropriate to your pregnancy:

  • Either as an outpatient:

A team of midwives monitors your pregnancy in close collaboration with your gynaecologist. You will be asked to attend our outpatient clinic regularly to ensure that your baby is developing correctly and to check your state of health.

  • Or as an in-patient:

    • The Clinic has a unit dedicated to monitoring risk pregnancies. The 12-bed unit is in the Gynaecology department on the 2nd floor and is run by a team of midwives who provide close daily monitoring.
    • If there is a potentially serious problem (high blood pressure, toxaemia, risk of foetal distress), the future mother may be transferred to our intensive monitoring room in the delivery block.
    • In exceptional cases, where the future mother needs to be hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit at the Kirchberg Hospital, the pregnancy is monitored by the gynaecologist and midwives from the Clinique Bohler, who work with the Kirchberg Hospital Intensive Care team.

In the event of a premature birth, the Neonatal care unit at the Kirchberg Hospital takes care of babies born after the seventh month. In cases of serious premature birth, the Clinique Bohler works closely with the CHL intensive neonatal care unit, where an "in utero" transfer will be carried out.

In cases of gestational diabetes, the patient is regularly monitored by the Kirchberg Hospital Diabetes Clinic and treatment is adapted to her state of health and that of her baby (insert link to the Diabetes Clinic site).

A multidisciplinary team takes care of the future parents throughout their stay. Our psychologist will listen to you and may help you with difficult decisions; our sophrologist will help you overcome your fears and, if necessary, our dietician will prescribe a diet adapted to your problems. The social welfare assistant can help you find solutions best suited to your situation. All these different forms of care form part of a coherent global approach.

However serious your case, the Clinique BOHLER will always offer you the level of professionalism that your situation demands, and all in a comforting, attentive environment.

For further information about gestational diabetes and other topics linked to pregnancy, log on to the Clinic's e-learning site: www.cbk-learning.lu.

 Whatever the gravity of your situation, the Clinique Bohler will always be able to offer you the level of professionalism that your situation requires, in a comfortable environment and with staff at your service..