Early prenatal interview

Entretien PrénataleYou have the possibility to meet with a midwife, either alone or as a couple, to discuss your pregnancy from the fourth month of pregnancy onwards.

This is a valuable moment to share and receive information between you and us. This is also your first meeting with the maternity department.

This interview is strictly private and confidential.

It does not replace a medical consultation. This is an additional interview to monitor your pregnancy, performed by your gynaecologist.

The goal is to provide you with support and peace of mind as your pregnancy progresses, from planning the birth through to the postnatal stage.

This interview makes it possible to:

  • Prepare your admission file and to explain to you the care process,
  • Provide you with detailed information about the monitoring of your pregnancy and your body changes,
  • Meet your needs and expectations (both mental and physical),
  • Provide you with health and dietary advice, and/or put you in touch with specific health professionals (dietician, tobaccologist, social assistant).
  • Together envisage the birth of your baby and provide you with the information you need concerning prenatal preparations,
  • Tell you more about the post-natal sessions.

Further information about your interview:

  • By appointment only : +352 26 333 90 20
  • Duration: 45 minutes