Antenatal diagnosis

echographieThe Clinique Bohler monitors your antenatal activity from the beginning of your pregnancy.

Initially, your gynaecologist offers you routine screening exams. The most important is the screening for chromosomal diseases, which takes place in the first trimester of the pregnancy:

  • Full ultrasound to measure the nape of the embryo’s neck and early screening for possible abnormalities.
  • Maternal blood test for the “Triple Test”.

Several more specialised exams, such as the amniocentesis (amniotic fluid sample is taken to study the chromosomes of the foetus), takes place at the Clinique Bolher’s Obstetric Polyclinic.

Other less commonly prescribed exams (chorionic villus sampling, foetal blood sample) may be performed in partnership with a more specialised department.

The morphological ultrasound in the second trimester is the essential examination for the screening of potential foetal abnormalities. It may take place in the offices of your gynaecologist or in our Obstetric Polyclinic.

In the event that the foetus has a congenital abnormality, a multidisciplinary discussion will take place at the Clinique Bohler.

The following people will be involved in this discussion:

  • the gynaecologist,
  • a paediatrician, a neonatologist,
  • a paediatric surgeon,
  • possibly, a specialised university department,
  • if need be, the Ethics Committee from the Clinique Bohler.

In the event of a very serious congenital abnormality, the pregnancy can be terminated at the Clinique Bohler, in accordance with the applicable law. In all other circumstances, the arrival of the child at birth is planned with the best care possible.
Our psychologist and our welfare officer are there to listen to you and help you with your decisions.