Pregnancy plan

preparer-sa-grossesseWhy consult?

Pregnancy is an important stage in a woman's life. We know that certain types of behaviour and dietary habits can have a negative effect on the development of the child to be born or cause obstetrical complications:

  • smoking, consumption of alcohol and drugs
  • excess weight, which is increasingly common among young women
  • vitamin deficiency, e.g. lack of folic acid

Other risk factors need to be looked into:

  • previous birth history (caesarean, premature birth, etc.)
  • diseases in the mother (infections, diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc.)
  • genetic risk in the family

When should I consult?

Don't wait until you're pregnant before you see your gynaecologist!

After certain vaccinations intended to protect the newborn child (Rubella, etc.), it is recommended that parents should wait 3 months before starting a pregnancy.
Folic acid supplements are particularly effective if they are taken before contraception has been stopped.

Your doctor will have an opportunity at a pre-conception consultation to check whether you present a particular risk and whether there is good reason to prescribe targeted examinations. He may advise you and direct you if necessary towards a specialist consultation (genetics, tobacco addiction, diet, etc.).