neonatologieIf your baby requires special care at the time of birth, he will be seen as quickly as possible by the neonatology department and the paediatrician.

Clinique Bohler's delivery rooms are situated on the first floor, very close to the Neonatology department. This ensures the safe and speedy transfer of newborn babies requiring special care.

The children who may be transferred to this department are:

  • Premature babies (between 32 and 37 weeks);
  • Newborn babies of low weight;
  • Babies with foetal conditions;
  • Children in need of special monitoring.

For the birth of very premature children (before the 32nd week) an in-utero transfer will be arranged to the CHL Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg).

Our approach

  • One of the key concerns of the neonatology department is to ensure the well-being of the child in a technical environment adapted to providing secure care.
  • The nursing and medical staff are highly attentive to the need to encourage the mother-child and father-child bond, and to the newborn baby's need for comfort and well-being, in addition to his development.
  • Our teams are on hand to support you, to assist you and to guide you throughout your child's stay in the Neonatology department


For further information on how our department operates and on the treatment your child will be receiving in the neonatology department, please view our brochure here.


The medical team


  • Dr Mirela Codreanu
  • Dr Oliver Decker-Schwering
  • Dr Thérèse Diederich
  • Dr Oliver Franzen
  • Dr Michel Hencks
  • Dr Michael Kremer
  • Dr Xavier Maurer
  • Dr Christof Rose
  • Dr Thorsten Schäfer
  • Dr Beuriot Katia

Paediatric surgeons

  • Dr Constant Arendt
  • Dr Eckhard Klemp

The nursing staff

The nursing staff are supervised by their manager Nicolette Tirabasso and her assistant Sylvia Puhl.

The multidisciplinary team which cares for newborn babies and their families also includes two psychologists and a social assistant. They are available to listen to parents' concerns and to help them with any worries they may have.

The neonatology team works closely with the maternity teams to ensure the seamless continuity of care for the child and to assist the parents, particularly during the mother's stay in hospital.



Contact details

Neonatology Department
T +352 24 68 5300

Clinique Bohler Reception
T +352 26 333-1

Hôpital Kirchberg Paediatric Polyclinic
T +352 24 68 55 44


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