Your reception in the delivery room

jour-accouchementAn efficient and warm welcome

Your gynaecologist will be present during the delivery; the midwife will ensure he/she is called day or night.

Our delivery rooms are on the first floor. A midwife will give the dad a swipe card to allow him to come and go as he pleases.

You will have a locker where you can put your overnight bag and personal items.

Comfortable and harmonious delivery rooms

Each delivery room has been designed to respond to all your expectations and to allow you moments of relaxation in a comfortable environment :

  • multi-position beds
  • two of our six rooms are equipped with a bathtub for relaxation and childbirth
  • ball and pulling ropes to relieve you and facilitate the labour
  • pleasant and relaxing atmosphere due to filtered lighting and calm, soft music

Our philosophy involves giving the future dad all his space near the mother-to-be during the labour and birth. A living room is also available for his use in order to be able to relax and have a light meal there.

After the delivery, you will remain in the delivery room for approximately two hours, with your baby – time to ensure that all is well.