Question-and-Answer section on the Sperm Bank

How do I begin the process of freezing sperm?

Please make an appointment with the laboratory on +352 26 333 3347 or +352 26 333 3372 in the morn-ing from Monday through Friday to find a day when the freezing can take place. Do not forget to ask for a referral from the doctor who sends you.

On the agreed upon day, you will be asked to come to the laboratory in person in order to obtain a sample of your sperm.

On site, we will note your identity and, after a brief explanatory discussion with us, you will be invited to sign a contract.

You will also be asked to undergo a blood test (search for hepatitis B and C antibodies and AIDS antibodies) for safety reasons which you will easily understand. This blood test is mandatory.


What expenses are related to the freezing?

An invoice will be sent to you for each freezing and the storage costs (liquid nitrogen and handling) for your vials (please note, a second freezing may be required). The invoice for storage expenses is sent annually, at the beginning of the year.


Who is authorized to withdraw the vials?

Stored sperm will be returned to the actual person who made the deposit.
No vial will be given to a third person (including a doctor performing insemination) without the written consent of the depositor..

Please note! Post-mortem inseminations are not accepted, whether or not there is a written document


Who is responsible for the vials after their delivery?

As soon as you leave the laboratory with the vials, our responsibility (with regard to maintaining them in a good condition for use) no longer applies even if we are able to help you, during the delivery, by giving you instructions and providing you with equipment for their transportation to the medical office where the insemination will take place.


What do I do if I want the vials destroyed?

A request for the vials to be destroyed must be sent to the spermiology laboratory.

There are two ways of stopping your sperm from being stored:

Only the valid destruction request form created by the private clinic is valid:

  • The patient can fill it in directly at the laboratory, or
  • The patient can request a copy from the spermiology laboratory and return it as soon as possible. The date a valid signed form is received, any month of conservation which has started will be due for payment and the form must reach us 10 days before the beginning of the next month.

We will send you a notice once your vials are destroyed, which will confirm that your request has been finalised.


How long can the vials be stored?

This decision is up to you but the general practice is no longer than ten years.


Are the expenses reimbursed by Health Insurance funds?

The costs for freezing and storage are not covered by Health Insurance Funds and may be subject to a review.


Do I need to inform the laboratory if I change my address?

The answer is yes, as an invoice must be able to be sent to you each year.
It is preferable that we receive this change of address in writing.


What should the family do in the event the depositor dies?

Send us a copy of the death certificate, following which we will destroy the vials.


What happens if invoices are not paid?

The Clinic’s accounting department will process this as with any unpaid invoice. Moreover, we reserve the right not to store the vials for invoices which remain unpaid.


How do you identify the vials which contain my sperm deposit?

Each vial contains a coloured stick wrapped around a label which is enclosed in an airtight, thermally sealed compartment. The number assigned to you is the only item on the label. The colour of the stick makes it possible to differentiate vials from different batches.

This number is also on your record and on the request form which you complete before the first freezing process. The high-security vial identification process which we use has inviolable content and identification.


How can I be sure that my sperm vials will not be used without my knowledge?

Following freezing, you will receive a report indicating the number and the amount of vials deposited at our premises. The vials are managed with strict control mechanisms. If you provide us with a request, we can return the vials to you which you no longer wish to have stored.


How can I be certain that the vials which are returned to me when my partner is inseminated are definitely mine?

As indicated above, control is strict. The vials which are returned to you must contain the number assigned to you from the beginning and be the colour indicated in our inventory.


Could there be problems of vial contamination?

We currently use high security, thermally sealed vials.

Freezing and storage is managed using the most modern and reliable equipment on the market. Our procedures were the subject of an extensive safety and hygiene study.