The practical procedures for IVF

  1. Preliminary exams carried out by your treating gynaecologist.

  2. Pre-IVF consultation with one of the doctors at the Fertility Treatment Centre: preparing your medical record, defining the stimulation protocol etc. This consultation takes place in the Polyclinic. Please make an appointment by calling (+352) 26333-9056.

  3. Consultation with the IVF nurse and anaesthetist. This consultation also takes place in the Polyclinic and offers you the opportunity to address any practical questions regarding the IVF cycle.

  4. Ovulation stimulation and monitoring: blood tests to determine hormone levels at the Polyclinic and ultrasound to monitor ovulation by your treating gynaecologist or one of the doctors at the Fertility Treatment Centre.

  5. Follicle puncture for leukocyte retrieval, conducted under short anaesthesia at the Clinique Bohler by one of the doctors from the Fertility Treatment Centre.

  6. Transfer of eggs from one partner to the IVF Laboratory. The other partner gives his sperm to the laboratory, thereby allowing the laboratory to proceed with the fertilisation of the eggs.

  7. The embryos are transferred to the IVF Laboratory after 2-3 days by one of the doctors from the Fertility Treatment Centre, who goes to the laboratory for this process.

The proposed treatments carry a great deal of hope, but are often very trying and destabilising for the couple. Our psychologists and sophrologists are trained to answer your questions and to provide you with support, particularly suited to this kind of situation. Please do not hesitate to use their services.


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