Paramedical Consultations

trois-femmesDedicated specialists in dietary information, psychology, sex therapy and smoking cessation, as well as a physiotherapist from the Mother-Child practice, are at your service if you would like to arrange a consultation.

Dietary Information

Our dietician is available to advise you on weight management problems, diet, digestion and any other diet-related issues.

She can visit you in your room at your request or that of a doctor or medical staff.

Our patients receive a specific diet adapted to their needs which is easy to digest and should not cause intestinal discomfort.

For more information, please read our "The Female Diet".

Information and Appointments: Phone: +352 26333-9127


Upon prescription, our professionally trained physiotherapists can provide further support for several types of treatment, including breast cancer, drainage, scar treatment and vascular and lymphatic physiotherapy (Leduc method).

For information or to make an appointment: Physiotherapy Practice CME: Phone: + 352 26333-9080


The psychology service intervenes with women during their stay to raise various issues related to their current situation by offering individual interviews or as a couple.

More information

(+352) 26 333-9101 or (+352) 26 333-9139


Sex Therapist

Our sex therapist is available to advise anyone (adolescents, adults, men or women) with questions or concerns about their relationships and sex lives.

For more information, please read our "Sex Therapy".

Information and Appointments: Phone: +32 (0)497 045124

Smoking Advisor

It is better to stop smoking around the time of an operation. The benefits of this include potentially improving the effects of anaesthesia and minimising post-operational complications.

It has been scientifically proven that smoking increases the risks of infection and respiratory and cardiac complications.

An expert smoking cessation advisor is available at your request to provide support in quitting smoking before, during and after your operation, or even permanently.

Information: +352 26333-9525 (Smoking cessation advisor)

Appointments: +352 26333-9020 (Outpatient unit secretaries)

Other Specialised Consultations

Psychologists, sophrologists and social workers are available should you wish to make an appointment (or on the advice of your doctor).