votresejour-votrechambreThe gynaecology unit is located on the 2nd floor of our clinic and comprises 8 individual rooms and 8 double rooms.

Depending on the type of surgery, you may be admitted the day before or on the morning of your operation date. After the operation and a short period in the recovery room, you will be transferred to your room.
Each day, your gynaecologist will visit you in your room to monitor your recovery.
At your request or on the advice of medical staff, you can see members of our multidisciplinary team (dietician, physiotherapist, sophrologist, psychologist, etc.) during your stay.
For more information on this subject, please read the "Paramedical Consultations" section.
If you are leaving on the same day of your operation, you must have someone to accompany you home.

The period of hospitalisation for gynaecological and plastic surgery operations is generally very short.

If necessary, you will continue to be treated at our gynaecological outpatient unit (removal of stitches, dressings, etc.).


In our clinic you can choose between a single or double room.

All individual and double rooms are spacious and comfortable, and equipped with:

- a telephone and television
- a refrigerator located within the bedside table
- a safe for your valuable objects
- a Wi-Fi connection if required

Please read our "Bohler Web TV" to see the rooms and their equipment.


Our patients receive a specific diet adapted to their needs which is easy to digest and should not cause intestinal discomfort. Our dietician can visit you in your room at your request, or that of your doctor or medical staff.


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