Gynaecological surgery

Gynaecological surgery at the Clinic Bohler is performed by a team of specialist doctors, assisted by a multidisciplinary team and caring, competent and friendly staff.

Our "Gynaecological surgery – Outpatient care" section lists the types of procedures performed at the Day Hospital, for which treatment is given in a single day and which do not therefore require overnighting in hospital following the procedure. Also provided are practical information and details of your day's schedule.

Our "Gynaecological surgery – Hospitalisation" section carries all the relevant information should you be hospitalised in the gynaecological unit of the Clinic Bohler.

To find out more about the treatment of gynaecologic cancer, refer to the "Gynaecological surgery – Gynaecologic cancer" section. At the Clinic Bohler, you will receive personalised care from a multidisciplinary team of medics who will design the best treatment plan for you.

Finally, the "Gynaecological surgery – Gynaecologic cancer" section provides answers to any questions you may have about having a surgical procedure at the Clinic Bohler.