Medical monitoring is provided by gynaecologists and oncologists working in close collaboration.

  • To provide the best possible care, the medical team works closely with the Clinic's nursing and paramedic team. A special care standard is applied by the staff of the hospitalisation unit. In addition, a team of paramedic specialists plays an active role in supporting and accompanying treatment: The breast care nurse (care coordinator) systematically visits every surgical patient in order to answer her questions and provide full information to facilitate the return home and help her achieve maximum autonomy (breast prostheses and underwear, services and associations, practical information concerning any further treatment, etc.). She acts as the link throughout the treatment path, from reaching a diagnosis to post-treatment monitoring.
  • The clinical psychologist: the announcement of the disease comes as a shock to the patient and her family. Treatment may be extensive and self-image difficult to accept. It is with this in mind that psychological support may be offered.
  • The physiotherapists attached to the Clinique Bohler offer a follow-up treatment to rehabilitate the patient and provide lymphatic drainage if necessary.
  • The social department: the social hygiene assistant provides information concerning administrative formalities and home care and services, organises convalescence and contacts the necessary external services.
  • The Sophrologist may visit the patient in hospital. Sophrology is a relaxation technique that aims to provide or restore a balance between thoughts, emotions and behaviour. It is for all patients suffering from breast cancer who are awaiting or have had surgery.
  • The Clinic's dietician can help you return to a balanced diet (essential as part of secondary prevention to avoid a relapse).