Breast Centre (or Breast Clinic)


Every year, the teams from Clinique Bohler, from the Hôpital Kirchberg, from the ZithaKlinik and their partners treat more than 150 patients suffering from newly diagnosed breast cancer. Organised into a "Breast Care" section at the Hôpitaux Robert Schuman, they are there to help you and support you during your treatment for breast cancer.


The treatment of patients suffering from breast cancer is handled by a team of specialist doctors organised into a multidisciplinary team, who pool their skills to offer the best treatment adapted to each patient's needs. The Breast Care Nurse (treatment coordinator) and the nursing staff support the patient throughout the various treatments, providing her with all the information she needs concerning her discharge from hospital and the various services available to her, both inside and outside hospital.


Our centre offers a complete treatment solution for breast cancer, thanks to close cooperation between:

  • The Hôpital Kirchberg (radiology, chemotherapy)

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  • Clinique Bohler (gynaecology, oncological breast surgery, and breast reconstruction)

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  • The ZithaKlinik (radiodiagnosis, sentinel lymph node scintigraphy, oncology, chemotherapy, palliative care)

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  • The François Baclesse National Radiotherapy Centre in Esch/Alzette (radiotherapy)

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  • The National Health Laboratory (histopathology)


A team comprised of gynaecologists, oncologists, radiotherapists, radiologists-senologists, pathologists and plastic surgeons analyses each situation individually and offers a complete, tailored diagnostic and therapeutic solution.

Each key stage in the treatment is discussed during a multidisciplinary consultation meeting and then proposed to the patient. According to the type of cancer involved, this may concern surgery, chemotherapy, hormonotherapy, radiotherapy or a combination of these options.

If the surgical option is considered the best solution, the operation will be as limited as possible. It is sometimes preceded by a course of chemotherapy.

In the case of a breast removal, in some cases reconstructive surgery may be envisaged: our team of plastic surgeons are on hand to advise you concerning the possibilities of immediate or delayed reconstructive surgery.


The adoption of a multidisciplinary approach is vital in cancer treatment. To this end, Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings (MCM) have been set up. These include doctors from various medical and surgical specialities, whose skills are vital when taking decisions to ensure that you are treated as effectively as possible based on the state of scientific progress of the moment.

Your doctor proposes presenting and discussing your case during the Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings which are regularly organised by Hôpitaux Robert Schuman working closely with the Centre de Radiothérapie François Baclesse (CFB - François Baclesse Radiotherapy Centre) and the Laboratoire Nationale de Santé de Luxembourg (LNS - Luxembourg National Health Laboratory).

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