The Clinique Bohler is referred to as the "Female Health Clinic" of the Grand Duchy and wider area, owing to the quality of its services, its hospitality and the professionalism of its healthcare teams.

With its 20 gynaecologists and round-the-clock team of anaesthetists, gynaecology admission unit, dedicated operating suite, outpatient clinic and the volume of surgical operations performed annually, the Clinique Bohler functions on a scale that enables it to offer cutting-edge medical care.

We therefore specialise in gynaecological surgery, either in cases where surgery is required, or within the framework of elective surgery. Our Mastology Centre (breast pathologies) provides specialised treatment for breast cancers.

Our medical gynaecology services complement gynaecological surgery. These are performed in the physician's office, and provide gynaecological follow-up care for females throughout their lives.

Our gynaecological surgery unit performs 4000 operations a year on an in-patient or out-patient basis.




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