Emergency admissions

soignante-couloirYou are temporarily in Luxembourg but you do not have insurance in this country. However, you require urgent care that is completely unexpected.

The European Community has also provided, in this case, for a patient who might need care in Luxembourg in an emergency.

In this situation, you must provide the hospital where you are admitted with a valid European card issued in your name by the competent health insurance fund in your country of origin.

With this card, the hospital can establish with you the documents needed to request treatment from the Luxembourg health fund.

These documents include:

  • an affiliation request with a copy of your European card and your exact contact details;
  • a declaration of temporary emergency care in which you certify not coming to Luxembourg for the express purpose of receiving treatment.

Once completed and signed, these documents will be sent directly by our Clinic to the Caisse Nationale de Santé, which will immediately process your affiliation and will cover your bills in Luxembourg if all the conditions allow for this.

Following this affiliation, only additional services used during a possible hospitalisation as well as costs not covered by the health fund will be invoiced to you. All other invoices are sent directly by our Clinic to the CNS.

Apart from the hospital bills, each doctor consulted sends you his or her own statement of fees. These are to be sent to the CNS following payment to obtain a refund from the CNS based on the current rates in Luxembourg.

It should be noted that in the event of hospitalisation in a single room, each doctor involved in a patient’s treatment will charge an additional 66%, which is not covered by the CNS.

However, if you are affiliated with a mutual insurance or complementary health insurance company in your country of residence which covers the hospital expenses, you can send them the invoices paid for the surcharges from our Clinic and doctors.