E112/S2 form

If the E112/S2 form is issued to you :formulaire

  • If you are issued this document, it must be sent as quickly as possible to the Caisse Nationale de Santé to be recorded there. We will perform this step for you if you send us this document upon receipt of our invoice.
  • An affiliation will be organised by the CNS according to the dates of validity on your E112/S2. In the event of a pregnancy, it is therefore highly recommended that you obtain a document which covers the entire period between monitoring your pregnancy until you are discharged from the clinic and including any post-childbirth treatment which may be required.
  • Once you are affiliated, only the extra services used during a potential hospitalisation, as well as fees not paid by the CNS, will be invoiced to you. All other invoices are directly sent to the authorised health fund by our private clinic.
  • n addition to the hospital invoices, each consulted doctor sends you an invoice for his/her own fees. These are to be sent to the CNS following payment to obtain a refund from the CNS based on the current rates in Luxembourg.
  • It should be noted that in the event of hospitalisation, in a private individual room, each doctor involved in a patient’s treatment invoices an additional fee of 66%, which is not covered by the CNS.
  • However, if you are affiliated with a mutual insurance or complementary health insurance company, in your home country or in Luxembourg, which covers the hospital expenses, you can send that company the invoices paid for extra services received from our clinic and doctors.

If you are refused the E112/S2 form:

  • If you are refused the E112/S2 form and, despite everything, you still wish to be treated in Luxembourg, you will be obliged to pay the entire cost for any treatment in our private clinic, according to the rates established in Luxembourg.
  • Each service provided will have to be prepaid through an account which is calculated based on the scheduled medical treatment.