Overview of the Clinic

For the past 56 years, at the Clinic Bohler we have assisted in over one-third of the births in Luxembourg and have followed up our patients throughout their lives.
On the strength of this experience, Bohler Clinic began operations in 2006 on the site of the Kirchberg Hospital, in a modern, comfortable and friendly setting.


Our mission as a "Female Health Clinic" is to provide gynaecological and obstetric care for female patients.

  • Our patients, our first priority

As each patient is unique, we build a genuine relationship of trust and we adapt our care regime to fit each individual case.

  • A service-oriented approach

We encourage patient-focus in order to be able to respond to issues arising during a hospital stay, and where necessary, to adapt the services we offer to patients' expectations. Every effort is made on our part to offer our patients reliable and friendly support throughout their healthcare delivery experience at the Clinic.

  • Quality and safety standards

We take all steps to ensure that each medical and treatment procedure is carried out under optimal safety conditions. Our policy is one of ongoing assessment in the interest of continuous improvement in our practices. The competence and professionalism of our teams form the foundation on which our patients have based their trust over so many years.

Our values

Human Professional
Respect for others



Key figures

  • 68 beds occupying 2 in-patient units
  • 7 Neonatology beds
  • 20 gynaecologists
  • 4 Anesthetist
  • 4 medical specialists prenatal ultrasound
  • 7 paediatrician
  • 2 plastic surgeons
  • Close to 200 staff
  • 6 delivery rooms
  • 2 operating theatres and one Caesarean section theatre
  • About 2700 deliveries/year
  • Over 4000 surgical procedures/year
  • Annual operating budget of € 20 million