Our teams

We are pleased to introduce you to all of our teams. They work closely together every day to offer you a highly professional service, along with a warm environment, daily motivation and careful attention.

Our doctors

Our team of doctors includes gynaecologist-obstetricians, two plastic surgeons, anaesthetists and paediatricians.

Several of our gynaecologists have their private practice in the city centre, while others are at the Clinic. Our doctors are grouped into a service line of care to ensure our patients are effectively monitored. Their professionalism and their experience guarantee quality care.

You can visit our Specialist consultations page for their contact details.

Our nursing teams

Our Nursing Department is diverse; it includes senior nurses, maternity and gynaecology hospital units, delivery rooms, surgical unit, our Policlinic-Day Hospital, and the transport team.

Within these various departments, our nursing teams represent all the specialities, which provides an overall care for our patients: midwives, nursery nurses, nurses, etc.

You will find the contact details for our various departments on our Polyclinic consultations and additional services page.


Our paramedical teams

The services offered by our paramedical teams perfectly supplement the medical and nursing care received by our patients with their diverse solutions.

Our teams consist of kinesiotherapists, a sophrologist, a haptonomist, a dietician and a psychologist.

You will find their contact details on our Paramedical consultations page.


Our administrative teams

All our administrative staff support all medical and nursing activity at the clinic and wholly contribute to the quality of our services. They manage the financial, administrative and logistical operations at the clinic. They also manage the personnel and see to the communications, both in-house and with our various partners. In other words, our administrative teams guarantee that our organisation operates smoothly as a whole.