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What is sophrology?

Sophrology was created in Spain in 1960 by a Colombian neuropsychiatrist, Alfonso Caycedo. It is both a science which studies human consciousness and a methodology which offers techniques for your harmonisation.
It proposes a new concept about the human being – that it is an indivisible whole.

In a unique state, between wake and sleep, the person will be able to autonomously stimulate various abilities, which are generally under-used: relaxing, concentrating, managing stress and emotions, memorising, thinking positively, projecting, creating, transcending, etc., i.e. developing your quality of life with regards to all physical and psychic aspects in order to find harmony.

The objective of sophrology is thereby actualisation of the human being, so that you attain autonomy and authenticity.

Who is it aimed at?

This technique is accessible to everyone with no pre-requirements.

What happens?

Eyes closed, the body relaxes, muscle by muscle, while the women breathe deeply. Guided by the words of the midwife, the mothers-to-be gradually concentrate on their rounded belly, their baby, then on particularly happy situations or memories. Perfectly relaxed, they can then approach childbirth, represented by a steep path which they climb step by step until they reach the top of the hill.

There, through visualisation and suggestion, they think of the delivery room: the delivery is easy and fast, the mum welcomes her baby close to her chest and lets herself be washed over with a marvellous feeling of bliss. By regularly practising these exercises throughout the weeks, the mother takes confidence in this and her ability to give birth. The day of the birth, she will be able to call upon these positive images to recover the slow breathing and calm and to better overcome her fears and pain.

By helping the mother-to-be pre-visualise the various stages of childbirth, the sophrologist also aims to decrease the anxiety related to the fear of the unknown; she helps the mothers-to-be anticipate the situation in order to handle it better, thereby allowing them to control rather than submit to their labour.

When can you start practising?

The baby’s memory is active from the fourth month of pregnancy; from this moment he/she starts to experience all the emotions experienced by the mother.

Sophrology, as a method of childbirth preparation, can thus begin from the third month of pregnancy.

What do you think about it?

Sophrology does not claim to perform miracles during childbirth but is a method which makes it possible to control the sensations as much as possible, in spite of the pain – a way of trusting in your body and in yourself.
Similarly, in no way does it substitute for the gynaecologist or medical profession. It is an additional benefit:

It will allow the mother to actively participate, and the father if he wants to participate, a benefit which may also help establish the mother/child bond, a benefit which makes it possible to develop a different state of mind with regards to pregnancy and childbirth itself.

Sophrology is also invaluable for a more comfortable pregnancy, to prevent post-partum depression and to give self-confidence to new mums who will definitely need it!

You can discover sophrology at the Clinique Bohler though the videos below:


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sophrology session

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